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Tramex PTM 2.0
The Tramex PTM 2.0 is designed for both timber and timber products.

Tramex PTM 2.0
A Versatile Pin type Meter for Timber, Timber Products and Soft Masonry.

Most moisture meters are now non-destructive, but there are still many situations where a good pin-type meter provides the quickest and most reliable results. Rough cut and dirty or reclaimed timbers are often difficult to measure non-destructively but a pin-type meter will make easy work of the job.

The PTM 2.0 has an extensive on-board library of timber species and can be adjusted to compensate for the effects of temperature of required.

We can supply a variety of probes for different jobs including extended electrodes and hammer electrodes to penetrate bark on trees whilst seasoning.

Please note the PTM 2.0 is not generally suitable for use on GRP composites unless these are very soft. Please ask for further advice if needed.

£310.00 £307.91 (ex VAT)


 Tramex PTM 2.0 Pin Type Meter Data Sheet

 Tramex PTM 2.0 Pin Type Meter User Guide