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Calibration Box for Tramex Skipper Plus
Calibration Check Box for the Tramex Ski

Calibration Box for Tramex Skipper Plus
An essential companion for the Tramex Skipper Plus

Surveyors working alone often worry about the accuracy of their instruments, especially when weather conditions result in a series of unexpectedly high or low moisture readings. Such worries are often compounded by unofficial calibration sessions in boatyards, where surveyors compare readings from their various instruments on the boats available, with the inevitable conclusion that some of the meters are in need of recalibration – except that nobody is too sure which ones!

To avoid such problems Tramex has made calibration blocks available for all of their moisture meters so they can be quickly and easily checked for accuracy against the manufacturers’ standards. Housing a network of close tolerance resistors, silver soldered to gold-plated contacts, the calibration blocks are very easy to use, and unlike timber are not affected by humidity. However, please note that these blocks are specific to the instrument type shown on the box, and are not usually interchangeable. (For example, the Skipper Plus test block cannot be used with older Skipper models.)

For an added discount order the Calibration Check Box with the Skipper Plus meter.

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