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Barcol #936-1 (New)
The wooden bench case (actual Item shown)
Barcol Impresser

Barcol #936-1 (New)
A specialist Hardness Tester for Lead, Hard Rubbers and Leathers

The Barcol #936 impresser is a specialist hardness tester for measuring the hardness of very soft metals, hard rubbers and leather.

The #936 uses a different indenter point and a softer spring than the #934-1 impresser.

Kit includes the Barcol Impresser, two spare indenter points, test disks, wrench and detachable foot all housed in a foam lined wooden bench case. These are brand new old stock that we bought from the USA a few years ago for an order which was subsequently cancelled.

See details of the Barcol #934 and #935 impressers for use on harder materials.

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£707.50 £541.66 (ex VAT)
£541.66 (ex VAT)


 Barcol Impresser Data Sheet

 Barcol Impresser Users' Manual