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Marine Moisture Meters

These instruments are designed for marine surveyors, boatbuilders and boat owners but may have wider applications.

Broadly speaking the gap between the meters' electrodes dictates the maximum depth to which the meter will read. Meters with a narrow gap will only see moisture on or near to the composite surface.

Please note that moisture meters are primarily calibrated for softwoods, (specifically Sitka Spruce and Douglas Fir) so the moisture content of GRP composites is indicative and not a true value. The true moisture content will be very roughly 10% of the value shown.

Excessive moisture content does not necessarily result in loss of adhesion of resins or coatings to GRP composites but will usually indicate the presence of blister forming solutes. Excessive moisture content may also result in under-cure of polyester resins and amine sweating of epoxies.