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Tramex Skipper Plus (SMP)
The widely spaced electrodes allow the Skipper to search out moisture deep within the hullfield.
The Skipper Plus has a handy 'hold' feature for taking readings in hard to see locations
The Tramex Skipper Plus needs no user calibration and is ready to go in seconds
The Skipper Plus comes with a bound copy of the Shorter Guide to Osmosis and its treatment

Tramex Skipper Plus (SMP)
The Yacht Surveyor's Favourite Moisture Meter

The Tramex Skipper Plus is a non-destructive electronic moisture meter specifically designed for use on GRP composites and marine timbers, including sandwich construction composites. Three scales of measurement are provided for different materials and conditions.

The Skipper Plus may also be used on softwoods and masonry. However, like other electronic moisture meters the Skipper may give misleading readings from carbon fibre and other electrically conductive materials including metal and graphite coatings.

The Skipper Plus comes ready for use complete with a protective pouch, PP3 battery, Calibration Certificate and full instructions.


The original Tramex Skipper meter was launched in the late 1980's and quickly became the first choice amongst yacht surveyors. The Skipper Plus builds on these strengths with a wider range of measurement, a reading 'freeze' function, timed auto off and other features. I have worked closely with Tramex since 1990 to develop these meters for the marine industry. As authorised UK and European Distributors we have supplied many hundreds of these meters over the years but have only recently ventured on to eBay with them.
Please see our separate listing for the Tramex Skipper Plus meter bundled with the official Tramex calibration box.

Why Use the Skipper Plus?

Elevated moisture readings are associated with an increased risk of gelcoat blistering in GRP composites; better known as 'Osmosis'. Boats laid up with Orthophthalic resins (before about 1990) are at particular risk, but a quick check with the Skipper Plus can provide a valuable early warning of unseen problems beneath the gelcoat.

The Skipper Plus is particularly recommended for those looking to purchase a previously used yacht. Many purchases fall through at the survey stage owing to high moisture readings, so the Skipper meter will allow you to shortlist suitable vessels before engaging a Surveyor.


The Skipper Plus will read through most antifouling paints, avoiding the need for scraping off, but may give elevated readings if metallic copper coatings such as Coppercoat and Copperbot have been applied.

Furthermore the Skipper's enhanced depth of field (of 15 - 20 millimetres) means that it will detect moisture deep within the composite even if the gelcoat layer is unusually thick.


The Tramex Skipper Plus has now been superseded by the new Tramex Skipper V (SMM5).  


CE Marking: All Tramex moisture meters are CE Marked and fully CE Compliant. 


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 Data Sheet for the Tramex Skipper Plus

 Knowledgebase document for the Tramex Skipper Plus.

 A Shorter Guide to Osmosis and its Treatment