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Barcol Spring AYRS-146

Barcol Spring AYRS-146
Barcol AYRS-146 Pressure Spring for 935 and 936 Impressers

The pressure spring determines how much pressure is applied to the indenter point, and how deeply the point penetrates into the test specimen.

With time the spring can become compressed and coil bound, especially if over-tightened to compensate for worn or damaged indenter points.

The AYRS-146 spring is used in Barcol 935 and Barcol 936 impressers. The AYRS-146 may also be fitted to Barcol 934-1 Impressers to convert them to 935 impressers.

Relaxed Length when New: 30.8 millimetres or 1.215"

£32.00 (ex VAT)


 Barcol Impresser Users' Manual