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Barcol Test Disk GYZJ-069

Barcol Test Disk GYZJ-069
Barcol Calibration Disc GYZJ-069 for 935 Impresser (Marked 87-89)

The GYZJ-069 is a soft aluminium test and calibration disk for use with the Barcol 935 Impresser. This is the same metal as the GYZJ-078 lower reference standard for the 934-1 impresser (marked 43-48).

Certified calibration disks are available to special order.


Important: Please note the GYZJ-069 used with the Barcol 935 Impresser (marked '87-89') is NOT the same as the GYZJ-250 test disk used with the 934-1 impresser (marked '87/89'). If used with a 934-1 impresser the GYZJ-069 disk should give readings in the range of 43-48. 

£12.50 (ex VAT)


 Barcol Impresser Users' Manual