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Diagnostic Sonar Ultragel II 335 Ml
Ultragel II has a green tint to aid iden

Diagnostic Sonar Ultragel II 335 Ml
The ultimate couplant for Ultrasound Gauging

Ultragel II is a safe, non-drip, thixotropic ultrasound couplant gel that sticks to overhead surfaces and fills pits, depressions and surface roughness on corroded and grit blasted metals. May be used at sub-zero temperatures and on hot surfaces. (See data sheet.)

Coloured green for easy identification Ultragel II is ideal for demanding thickness gauging, flaw detection and acoustic emission testing duties.

Holds certification for Chlorine, Fluorine and Sulphur content and approved for aerospace and nuclear applications. Ultragel is fully water-soluble and is easily rinsed off with fresh water after use.

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 Manufacturers Product Data Sheet for Ultragel II

 MSDS for Diagnostis Sonar Ultragel II couplant