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Diagnostic Sonar Soundclear 335 Ml
Soundclear is a clear, water white gel.

Diagnostic Sonar Soundclear 335 Ml
Clear and simple. A high quality ultrasound couplant for day-to-day use.

Soundclear is a safe, non-drip, ultrasound couplant gel that sticks to overhead surfaces and fills pits, depressions and surface roughness on corroded and grit blasted metals.

This clear, water white gel is ideal for everyday use in normal ambient conditions.

Soundclear is fully water-soluble and is easily rinsed off with fresh water after use.

Cheaper and much less embarrassing than asking for twenty tubes of KY Jelly in Boots!

If you need to work in sub-zero temperatures or on hot surfaces please see Ultragel II or our combined package.

£5.00 (ex VAT)


 Data Sheet for Diagnostic Sonar Soundclear

 MSDS for Diagnostic Sonar Soundclear