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Barcol Hardness Testers

The Barcol Impresser is a hand-held portable hardness tester which is ideal for field testing the hardness (and hence the cure) of epoxy and polyester boatbuilding resins. Incompletely cured resins have greater moisture permeability than optimally cured examples and will also provide lower mechanical strength.

The Barcol impressor was originally developed by Walter Colman during WWII for the United States Army Air Corps. The US authorities were concerned that aircraft could be sabotaged by substituting aluminium rivets for soft lead or wooden ones which would fail during flight. The Barcol Impresser was later used to check the temper of aluminium fire ladders and is now used in many diverse industries.

There are three different types of Barcol impresser, all sharing the same body. The #934-1 is the best known and is the default choice for soft metals and hard plastics. The #935-1 uses a softer pressure spring which provides more meaningful readings from GRP composites and causes less damage. The #936-1 uses a larger indenter point and is best suited to hard rubbers leathers.

Alongside new stock and spare parts we also have a small selection of used impressers which are carefully checked, cleaned and calibrated before sale.

Please note that hardness of plastics changes significantly with temperature, therefore it is important to know the temperature of specimens when measuring their hardness.
  • Barcol #934-1 (Used)

    Barcol #934-1 (Used)

    The Industry Standard Field Hardness Tester for Hard Plastics and Softer Metals
    £450.00 (ex VAT)
  • Barcol #935 (Used)

    Barcol #935 (Used)

    A Field Hardness Tester for GRP and FRP Composites
    £515.00 (ex VAT)
  • Barcol #936-1 (New)

    Barcol #936-1 (New)

    A specialist Hardness Tester for Lead, Hard Rubbers and Leathers
    £707.50 £541.66 (ex VAT)
  • Barcol #935 (New)

    Barcol #935 (New)

    A Field Hardness Tester for GRP and FRP Composites
    £985.00 (ex VAT)